Lack of responsibilities


My husband asked me to give him the mehr back as he was in financial problems. I reacted positively. Since 21/2 years we are living together and he fails to assume his responsibilities and don’t even secure his jobs. I helped him tremendously and gave him at about $100000 to settle his loans, debts etc…so that we can live happily and at ease. But now I stopped. Because he has betrayed my trust and waste the money unnecessarily. The debts are increasing and I cant support him financially now. He doesn’t talked to me, he remains silent, always on mobile phones, playing games, etc… I don’t know what to do… Please make dua for me and advice.
Jaza Allah Khair.


May Allah remove your difficulties and change your husband’s heart. Keep advising him without anger but firmly as his behavior is unacceptable by any standards. Make salawat daily so as not to cave in to stress. Recite the Salawat Tibbiyya.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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