Revealing the past


I talked to a person for marriage who was very doubtful. She asked me to take oath in God’s name that I had no past . I was desperate as I been looking for partner since years. I took an oath indicating that I was pure, however I was not. I’m virgin but had crossed limits in the past. It didn’t work out with her due to other issues. I don’t know what should I have done. Not taking an oath meant, disgrace for my family and losing her. I’m now scared that due to false oath Allah may punish me. But I can never reveal to anyone about my past as it is shameful & I have repented. What is the kuffara for the oath….


Sharia-wise your oath was valid so move on and next time just be honest so that you can feel better about it. There is no disgrace in that here and hereafter. At the same time do not make such a big deal of what you have done in the past because you are no longer that person, so again move on and do you best here and now. Allah will send someone good your
way in sha Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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