Please could you advise re: suitors


Dearest Shaykh,

I am suffering from Schizophrenia type illness. Suitors want to talk to me ,see me on Skype. My father won’t allow this; he is deliberately cruel to me, as is my mother.I am kept ‘under surveillance’ at all times. They both practice black magic and he has sent jinns on me. I did Salat al Fatih, Ya Fattahu, Ya Razzaqu and many other zikr to help me get married to a man who was interested in me. But my heart has got broken once again. My problem is living with parents and not having enough money to move out. I am 45. Shall I give up pursuing marriage ? Also my father has done some zikr to make me keep spending my money and not being able to save so that I cannot move out. I feel suicidal from being used, abused and treated cruelly. Thank you.


Alaykum Salam,
Continue to follow medical advice. Your illness means you must give excuses to yourself and all those around you. You are in Allah’s good care and no harm will come to you except it will be turned into goodness, because Allah tasks no soul beyond its capacity. Therefore think the best of your family, forgive them, always cheer up and continue with your dhikr and try to abide by the rules of your caretakers who love you. You will get reward and benefit here and hereafter in sha Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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