Regarding Marriage and Permission


Salaam to all,
Shaykh I want to apologies firstly because this may come across rude and inappropriate, but i need your guidance and advice please.

There is a girl whom I wish to marry and she wishes to marry me also. However her parents are saying wait two years, but we don’t want to wait because we don’t want to commit sin or zina and we understand the importance of marriage. What is the best thing to do please? I really would like your blessings and permission and du’as please.

Please forgive us as we are not good mureeds and we don’t deserve to be in this nation.¬†Sorry for the lack of adab and us being such burdens on you.
JazakAllah Shaykh


Alaykum Salam
You can have a nikah with Fatiha and witnesses then wait two years after
that before cohabitation.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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