I am confused abot a reply, I need clarification


Asalaam Alaikum wrwb,

Insh’Allah this reaches u, in the highest state of imaan and health! Ameen

I wrote a question a few days ago, and MSH replied this was his reply, ”Since he didn’t deny Islam yet, recite astaghfirullah 700 times per night and read Ayat al-Kursi and blow on him. Insha-Allah he will return back to Islam. We pray for him and for you. Fatiha.

My question is my husband is away travelling, & wont be back for quite a while,so what can I do? seeing as I cant blow on him? whats the best method? I still read it though, but dont know what to do once I have read? sorry to be spamming, but I just wanted clarrification. Please make dua me and my husband and my sister, &family r able to visit MSN very soon. Jazaka’Allah Khair.



wa `alaykum salam,

You may blow in his general direction until he returns back.

Taher Siddiqui

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