Required Wazifa for love increase with my Husband towards wife


As-salam alaikum.
My name is [private], 2_ years old, I married a person [private] whom I love going against our parents & its been almost 10 years firstly he used to love me & used to cares about me but after few years he started ignoring me & he is attracted towards another girl [private].
Janab i request you please give a wazifa to break that illegal relation of my husband with that girl because of that relation we don’t have children yet.

Please janab I request you to please give me the wazifa to get rid of this.

Dua ki guzarish.


Walaikumas Salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,
Make ablution. Then pray two rakat nawafil prayer (assuming you pray five times), then recite “HasbunAllahu wa ni`mal wakeel” 100x and then recite Daroode Tunjeena 40x, and then raise your hand asking Allah (jalla jalaluhu) for your problem to go away in a peaceful manner through the wasila of Habibullah Muhammadur Rasulullah Ahmed Mustafa sallallahualaihissalam. You should do this at least for 7 days. Insha Allah.

Syed Shahzaman

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