Should I tell my sins on the past?


Assalaamou aleikum ya sheikh Hisam.

I am a woman, had divorced and in thinking to married for second time with my friend.
I did free sex in my past and being regretfull so much. Even though its my past, i lied about it to him.
Now i wanna do only good things in syaaria’s ways and married with him.
My question is, for our better and barokaa famili’s life, should i tell him honestly about my past or just keep silent?
(although maybe he will angry and leave me)

Because i cant bear with God promise that in the “yaum el hisaab” everyone will be shown of what they did. It must be a hard moment.

May Allah bless you yaa Mawlana. Thank you


wa `alaykum salam,

Shaykh Hisham will pray for you.

There is no “kiss and tell” in Islam. It is not permitted for a Muslim to reveal what Allah has concealed. Keep your sins to yourself, repent of them and move forward into a new fresh life.

As Shaykh Hisham said in reply to a similar issue:

Allah is as-Sattar and al-Ghafoor and ar-Raheem. Allah swt will forgive those who repented and Allah said in Holy Quran to the Prophet to tell people, “la taqnatu min rahmatillah, inna Allah yaghfir adh-dunuba jami`an“. He will forgive ALL sins. And you did a mistake and a sin, but you corrected it.”

To seek repentance, follow the recommendation in the Post “Repentance for zina and drinking“.

Taher Siddiqui

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