Secrets of Wuzu and Marriage


Salaam to all,
Alhamdulillah for our beautiful prophets, Awliya & Sheikhs.
I read some material of Sheikh Hisham’s about how blessed it is to do wuzu and there are many secrets behind it. Could you kindly tell us the secrets or maybe just highlight the main points, if possible please.
I also read Sheikh Hisham said when a husband holds his wife’s hand, his sins are forgiven and that is one of the many secrets of marriage. Could you please tell us more secrets of marriage? Inshallah people reading this post may be more enthusiastic towards wuzu and marriage when they have more knowledge and understanding what is actually happening and the incredible amounts of blessing that is involved.
Jazakallah and may Allah fulfill all your duas.


wa `alaykum salam,

Amin, and yours too.

For your first question, see these references:

For your second part, see this answer:
(paragraph 3: “And if he has wudu and touches your hand Allah takes sins from him, that is one of the secrets of marriage. Both sides when they are together, after doing their worship obligations, by having that relationship it takes sins away.”)

Abdul Shakur

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