Taking up job in Madina


Asslaam alaykum Shaykh,
InshaAllah there is a possibility of working at a hospital in Madina as a doctor. What does Shaykh suggest especially having worked there himself.
I would like to know some of the realities, and particularly the spiritual challenges one could face when staying there.

I understand living there is not the same as when you go for Ziyaraah
It is not like Ziyaarah but there is also probably less inclination to do bad in Madina

If my spirituality is low (always trying to improve, another reason to go to Madina) does it make it difficult to adjust to the “pure” environment of Madina?

Will the family, especially kids cope and manage or could it be a stressful experience for them?

I understand it will be challenging, but do you think the spiritual challenges and difficulties outweigh the potential benefits that could be gained?
Are my concerns unwarranted?


wa `alaykum salam,

Your concerns are unwarranted and you are thinking to much. Go to Medina and be with the Prophet (s). That is more beneficial to you than all your life. People are trying so hard to be there. Keep your adab, don’t get angry, don’t shout and don’t make false accusations.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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