urgent marriage issue


After doing istikhara i have found that i want to marry him. But i dont know if hes ready and the thing is its a open proposal. What should i do? And what is nikah process?


From your question it appears you have no near relatives to assist you. In any case you need to send an envoy to him with the message “there is a such-and-such interested in marriage, would you consider her?” and see the man’s response.

After a positive response the nikah process is:

“the basic minimum requirement in order for a marriage to be considered Islamically valid is that there be a valid offer from one party and a corresponding acceptance from the other, in the presence of two male or one male and two female witnesses who know what is happening. The offer, acceptance and the presence of the witnesses must all take place in the same session and at the same place. (The consent of the woman’s guardian is also a necessary requirement in some cases, for which one may refer to the fiqh of guardianship).” (source Sunnipath.org)

Taher Siddiqui

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