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Question on theft

An employer found out that his worker has been stealing money from his business for some time. Continue reading

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urgent marriage issue

After doing istikhara i have found that i want to marry him. But i dont know if hes ready and the thing is its a open proposal. What should i do? And what is nikah process? Continue reading

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Rape case

What are the four schools of thoughts views on rape cases, especially that a female needs four male witnesses to prove a case… Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Validity of Nikah

I did Nikha with a girl without our parent’s consent, as our parents would not agree for us to get married. They would not allow us to get married until we had finished our education. They knew that we would still see each other and we tried our hardest to convince them Continue reading

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Is this marriage valid

Q: Assume that every other condition has take place without a doubt. Duas made, Kor’an is read by an imam. But there is no available two men in the village and the witnesses are imam (a male) and his wife. Continue reading

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