about the arrival of Mahdi (as)


salam aleikum, would you explain me more about the arrive of Mahdi(sws), what things are going to happen? what we should do the days of his arrival? How can we protect us and our family? Should we anounce it to our no Muslim part of the family? An estimated date of his arrival.
Thank you very much, peace uppon you.


You may find answers to this question in the book Approach to Armageddon by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani.

In summary, from this book:

The Mahdi (as) is coming to remove evil and bring peace in the world. Muslims and Christians have heard about and anticipate the return of Jesus (as), but many Muslims do not consider his arrival to be imminent. Jews are waiting for the Messiah, Christians are waiting for Jesus (as), and Muslims are waiting for both the Mahdi (as) and Jesus (as). All religions have described them as men coming to save the world. Allah swt said: {Say, “Truth has come and falsehood is vanquished.”} (al-Isrā’, 17:81)

The believers who support Mahdi (as) will not use guns and weapons, but will have a spiritual support, and all believers will follow them. During the same period, the unbelievers will ally themselves with the Anti-Christ, Dajjal, and form the army of evil.

When Sayyidina Mahdi appears he will fight many battles against the forces of the anti-Messiah/Dajjal.

The Prophet (s) said about him:

If this world has just one day remaining Allāh will extend that day until a man comes. He is from me, (or from my family). His name is like my name, (i.e. Muhammad), his father’s name is like my father’s name (i.e. `Abd Allāh). He fills the earth with equality and justice, as it has been filled with injustice and oppression.[1]

Umm Salama (ra) said the Prophet (s) said, “The Mahdi is from my family, from the descendants of Fātima.”[2]

In a long hadith the Prophet (s) predicted what would happen to his children, grand children and his family after him. He accurately foretold that the People of the House (Ahl al-Bayt) would face tremendous trials: that they would be killed; that they would face terrible difficulties and they would be exiled. He predicted that his noble family would become fugitives from the people, hiding themselves, as people sought to kill them. “Until from the east,” and the Prophet (s) gestured towards the east, “will be coming people with black flags. They will ask for the righteous deeds and for justice (al-haqq). They will not be given to them. They will fight and they will be victorious. They will be given what they have asked but at that time they will not accept it.”[3]

The believers will come to join him from every part of the earth, as the Prophet (s) said, “Whosoever of you finds this (situation), should go to those even crawling on the  snow (or ice).”

[end of cite]

To protect ourselves and our family the most important things are to keep the five daily prayers and the fast of Ramadan, pay zakat yearly and daily pay a small amount in sadaqa. Memorize and recite the first ten and last ten verses of Surat al-Kahf which are prescribed as protection from the Dajjal.

And our mashaykh give us glad tidings that whoever has firm belief in al-Mahdi (as) will be with him, insha-Allah, by the spiritual power granted to him at that time by Allah, they will be transported to safety with him.

As for announcing this good tidings to your family, it depends on their state of belief and acceptance. For many non-Muslims already are expecting the advent of the expected Messiah or Jesus Christ is imminent based on the clear signs predicted in the Old and New Testaments. And you may explain it to them in this way without going into names and details.

W ‘Allahu `alam

Taher Siddiqui

[1] Sahīh hadith according to Tirmidhī in al-Fitan #2231 and #2232. Ibn Taymiyya Minhāj as-Sunnah (4:211). Abū Dāwūd, “Kitāb al-Mahdi” #4282. Albānī, Silsila sahīha #1529:

[2] (sahīh) Abū Dāwūd, “Kitāb al-Mahdi,” #3603. Ibn Mājah, (4:135). “Al-mahdīyu min ‘itratī, min waladi Fātima.

[3] Abū Na`īm and Ibn Mājah, “Kitāb al-Fitan.” Al-Hākim has transmitted it in al-Mustadrak from the channel of `Umar bin Qays on the authority of al-Hakam who narrates from Ibrāhīm. According to al-Zawa’id, its chain of transmission is da`īf because of the weakness (du`f ) of Yazīd bin Abī Zīyād al-Kūfī. But Yazīd bin Abī Zīyād is not singular to transmit it on Ibrāhīm‘s authority.

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