Jibrael Negative Prayer


Prophet S.A.W. while ascending the minbar in Ramadan said 3x ameen upon the dua of Jibrael A.S. (for example… a person who got Ramadan and was not able to waive of his sins; perish). Please elaborate this Hadees. Clarify ruling of Islam about ba’dua [negative prayer].


We gave its full reading, explanation and translation here:

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It’s meaning is:

The Prophet (s) climbed up the pulpit and then said ‘Ameen!’ and then he climbed the second step and said, ‘ameen‘ and then he climbed the third step and said, ‘ameen!’ and then he settled himself straight on the pulpit and his Companions asked, either during khutba or after it, ‘what did you say ameen for?’ and the Prophet (s) said, “Gibreel came to me and said, ‘may their nose cleave to the dust [may they be big losers] those in whose presence you are mentioned and they do not invoke blessings on you.'” And Prophet (s) said ‘ameen‘ to that.

And then Prophet (s) said, “and then he said, ‘may they be big losers who live in the time of their parents and yet they do not enter Paradise.'”

Meaning that just living in the time of parents and respecting parents, loving parents, serving parents, is enough to enter Paradise, and they do not do it. So they will be big losers, as if deserving not to enter Paradise.

And the Prophet (s) continued, “and then he said, ‘and the same thing for one who reaches Ramadan and is not forgiven.'”

Meaning “it is so easy to keep Ramadan and then you get Paradise for eternity, and the Prophet (s) mentioned ‘ameen’ to that.””

And this hadith is a dalil for du`a in jama`ah, because the Prophet (s) was saying ‘ameen‘ for someone else’s du`a.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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