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Wa salaam aleikum,
On the 2nd of February 2011, I asked a question about naming my stillborn child, who was my second child to be born. Since then four years have passed and my husband and I have not conceived again. I am now 3_ and we both really want to have more children before it’s too late. We have had many tests and nothing seems to be physically wrong. Today we had another meeting with the gynecologist who has now offered the possibility of doing artificial insemination. Is this accepted in Islam? I feel quite open to the possibility but my husband feels resistant and would prefer a natural conception. We have tried many health cures and have been blessed by some of the Sheykhs. Would you advise this is a possibility? Many thanks for your advice and all that you do and may Allah bless you all.


Alaykum Salam,

I asked your question about artificial insemination to the Qur’an scholar, muhaddith and jurist who is also a medical doctor, Dr Samer al-Nass and he replied right away that it is religiously permissible to undergo but not nakedness (kashf al awra) in so doing, as it is not a life or death necessity. He said that he had witnessed his teacher the Mufti of Syria Sayyid Muhammad Abu al-Yusr Abidin who was also a medical doctor being
asked the very same question and that he had replied right away: “It is
permissible but not nakedness.”

Dr. Samer added: There is also the issue of paternity and it is imperative that the operating doctor be trustworthy and truthful to make sure the parents and offspring not be cheated by an unprincipled professional as this has been known to happen even among Muslims. And Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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