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Salam `alaykum,

I need to make expiation for breaking a promise. If I want to feed people, can I do it through SufiLive donation?  And, if so, what should I put for the reason of donation, i.e. food in Africa, food for Michigan, etc.? Or, is it preferred to fast the three days?

Forgive my mistakes in this.



In short, the method of the Expiation of an oath or promise is in the
following order:

1. Freeing a slave (may not be not relevant in our times), or
2. Feeding ten destitute people, morning and evening (or one poor person for ten days), or
3. Give clothing to ten destitute people, (giving) each of them one garment or more, the minimum of (each) being that in which Salah is valid, or
4. If one is not capable of any of these three things, one fasts three consecutive days.

May Allah keeps us steadfast in our promises, and protects us from hypocrisy, Amin!

Abdul Shakur

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