Suckling for mahram purpose


Assalamu alaikum sheykh,
1) what is the explanation of suckling an adult non-mahram? hadith related to
Abu Hudaifa(Ra)
2) did Hazrath Aisha(ra) did the same?
3) Does that rule fit for entire Muslims?
4) Is it a sin, if a man drink milk from wife during intimacy


Waalaykumussalam warahmatullah,

(1) It meant to give Salem, the grownup mawla (freedman) of Abu Hudhayfa, a glass, cup or container containing some of Abu Hudhayfa’s wife’s breast milk for him to drink and to do so on five separate occasions, thereafter establishing foster parentage so that he could continue to circulate freely in their small house.
(2) Yes, `A’isha used that dispensation freely and this was her own interpretive application to her own case.
(3) No, none of the other Mothers of the believers deemed it correct and none of the other givers of fatwa among the Companions deemed it correct.
(4) It is not a sin but might be a lack of adab.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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