Gay family member


Asalaamu alaykum to beloved Sayyidi and staff at eshaykh,

Recently, I had lunch with some friends and she said one of the family members had admitted to being gay and undergone an operation to make permanent changes. I gave my opinion in regards to what is taught in the HQ, in simple words, (examples of Sayyidina Lut’s (as) community), as to what that friend should do, but something I would like to ask in honesty, so please give advice. I also heard on some ‘Islamic channel’ one scholar saying that sometimes it is not the fault of the child? I am really confused about this. How would we deal with this? Or if that person came to mosque to attend a gathering, how should we react, as we should not be judging anyone? jazakAllah for this site for us to be able to ask real scholars. May Allah swt bless eshaykh. ameen.


Islam grants every person dignity and liberty as long as they do not exercise them at the expense of the dignity and liberty of the society at large including unnatural acts whether between couples of the same sex or between unmarried men and women as in the case of fornication and adultery. I believe that a gay person could be healed, therefore he should be advised to look for a competent `Alim/Fattah to read Ruqya (Qur’an) over him.

Imam Senad Agic
The Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago

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