Greeting Western non-Muslim Women


Assalamu Aleykum all staff, may Allah bless your continued efforts – Ameen

I work for a corporate company. When greeting women in business meetings, typically we shake hands. Occasionally, there are some women/colleagues who when they greet, they kiss men on their cheeks as it’s their custom, in France they do this for example. In order not to offend colleagues or other business people is this allowed, even though my intentions are clean and sincere?

Thanks for all your help so far, Hasbunallah Rabunallah


`Alaykum salam

Spending time in the furnace one will seldom come out smelling like a rose unless one changes to another place. At the same time Allah sees your heart and your deeds and intentions, not us. Consult your conscience.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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