Homosexual acquaintances


Salaam Alaykum dear Shaykh and Scholars,

First of all I want to express my gratitude. I love this initiative and I’m sure this will help many people as it has helped me. Thank you very much.

My question: Since we live in the west, homosexuality has become quite normal here. Some people ask Muslims about their opinions on homosexuality. I personally don’t have an opinion about it, since it’s possible to have friends, colleagues or family who are homosexual. They don’t necessarily have to be bad people.

Usually I see Muslims expressing their discontent with people being homosexual. In this way, people label Muslims as intolerant. I personally feel that we as Muslims have to be open to everyone (and not exclude anyone). I don’t know why Muslims show their discontent to people being homosexual. Could you please let us know how to deal with these situations since people usually ask Muslims opinions about homosexuality? Why are some people against it?

Salaam Alaykum,


A`udhu Billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem
Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem

wa `alaykum salam

There is a hadith of Prophet (saws) that “Fitnah is sleeping, the Curse of Allah on who wakes it.”

Allah (swt) likes for us to cover up the faults of people for He is As-Sattar. Everywhere you look there is injustice and haram being done.  Homosexuality is included in that haram.   However we as Muslims have responsibility for being ambassadors to represent the good character from Prophet’s (s) sunnah. If someone is eating pork, drinking alcohol, making fornication, these are are acts that Allah (swt) does not like.  This does not mean that we should humiliate people involved, showing them an ugly or hateful face. Rather we should hate the action and try to look to what honor, good qualities we can see in those people and let Allah be the ultimate Judge.

We cannot lie and say that homosexuality is accepted in Islam, but we must use wisdom and always encourage and invite to what is good. The Prophet (s) said:  “Give good tidings and do not drive people away”. We work and live among people of different faiths, beliefs and behaviors but companionship and friendship is something else.

Allah says:’O you who believe, be conscious of Allah and be with the Trustworthy (Sadiqin)‘  (Tawba, 9:119)

The sadiqin are those who kept their covenant from the Day of Promises by worshiping Allah and following his Prophet (saws).   When you look at them you remember Allah (swt) and His Prophet (saws).

We see in the example of shuyukh such as Shaykh Nazim and Shaykh Hisham and many others, who tolerate all types of bad behavior from people but their source of belief and character is steadfastly from the Prophet (s), not those who are living in that harmful behavior.

The prophets and awliya are like Suns that can absorb and transform bad character into light.  You see transformation in those who keep companionship and listen to their teachings, they help people to change while miraculously maintaining their dignity.  This is the way of our Beloved Prophet (s). They also encourage this method in their students and to all Muslims, to be good examples in the community by purifying their own character and leaving judgment to Allah.

One last comment.  When people inquire about what Islam says on various issues, we can try to understand their intent.  Are they trying to understand or make questions to make Islam seem intolerant?  Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic teachings do not accept homosexuality, fornication etc. Islam offers the wisdom of not prying or exposing peoples faults, yet encourages building high moral standards through Love of Allah and His Messenger.

W `Allahu `alam wa Rasuluh

Kamau Ayyubi

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