Imam refuses to pray over dead terrorist

Prayer Request:

Assalamu alaikum.

Can an imam refuse to pray over a dead Muslim terrorist -even if one canĀ“t find anybody else who wants to make Islamic janazah for him? I am asking because such a thing happened in France.


As-Salamu ‘Alaikum,

There is a list of dead bodies of the people whose janazah prayers are not performed. The list includes highwaymen: That is, the bandits who attack travelers and rob them; the armed robbers who attack houses, shops, etc. and rob people. They are the people who commit the crime of seizure by violence, which is not permitted and tolerated by Islam, and grab people’s right of living in peace. If they do not give up being bandits, highwaymen and robbers and do not repent, they are buried without janazah prayers being performed.

Dr. Senad Agic, Imam
SABAH – Chicago
9920 Grand Ave
Franklin Park, IL 60131

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