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Assalam o alaikum sheikh.

ALLAH PAK bless you with a long amd healthy life and make us among those how are beloved to HIM ameen ..MY name is [private] i have very urgent and important matter ..My parents forced me into a marriage with my cousin. I somehow tried to adjust with him but after 5-6 months i realised he is ahmadi and i asked him and he said yes.. he also went to Uk to meet the current khalifa of them .. That day there is no relation between us and its been almost more than 4 years and now i just want to get out of this toxic relation .. my parents said i always wanted to leave him i dont want to live with him from the start that why i am saying this .. but i know he is ahmadi and i have proof i asked them but still no body ia with me except Allah PAK .. i want to know is this nikah valid second i want to take divorce of i take divorce is there idat wajib on me .. and if my parents gets angry with me for that please pray for me ..



Waalaykumussalam warahmatullah,

It has long been the Sunni position that Ahmadis and Qadyanis are not considered Muslims but follow different beliefs. This was expressed by the last Shaykh al-Islam of the Ottoman Dawla Shaykh Mustafa Sabri and his deputy Shaykh Muhammad Zahid Kawthari, the scholars of al-Azhar in Egypt (with the notorious exception of Shaykh Mahmud Shaltut), the Ulema of the Indo-Pakistani Subcontinent (including the founders and continuators of the Barelwi and Deobandi schools), and the scholars and governments of several Muslim countries including Algeria, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. This understanding was reiterated recently by Egypt’s main Fatwa body, Dar al-Ifta’ al-Misriyya, here:الانتماء_إلى_القاديانية_الأحمدية

Accordingly, the nikah contract of a Muslim person with an Ahmadi is null and void from the start, or it becomes so from the moment such affiliation is ascertained, for example in the case of conversion. Yes, a divorced woman’s `idda must be observed before remarriage to someone else. Your parents’ anger is immaterial as the Seal of Prophets, upon him blessings and peace, said “There is no obedience to creatures in disobedience of the Creator.” And Allah knows best.

May Allah grant you ease and protection in dunya and akhira.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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