Pictures of Maulana Sheikhs


Assallaamu alaykum,

Yaa Sayyidi, I read in this website some notes about not favoring pictures to be placed in our houses. However, it’s been quite a tradition of all mureeds in Indonesia to hang pictures of you (Maulana Sheikh Hisham), Maulana Sheikh Nazim and Maulana Sheikh Adnan. I also have GrandSyaikh picture hanging in my walls at home.

I would like to have your direction on whether there is a different fatwa regarding pictures of syaikhina of Naqshbandy Haqqani. Is it still allowed to put the pictures?

Wassallaamu Alaykum


`Alaykum as-Salam,

Pictures of Awliya remind you of Allah Most High and Akhira, this is why we use Rabita (connection) and Tasawwur (visualization), but the purpose is to acquire their attributes not decorate our walls. And as Shaykh Hisham said (in the post “Pictures”) the qibla wall must not have pictures on it when we pray.

(see Use of Pictures for more details.)

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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