Reciting dur̄ud upon seeing the Shaykh or someone of high status


Salam Alaykum. What does the Sharia say about reciting dur̄ud collectively with the intention of alerting others of his presence so that they stand up? I believe Imam Ibn Abidin considered it impermissible; is this the only opinion amongst our scholars?


Alaykum Salam,

I am not aware of the prohibition you cite ambiguously — is it prohibition of standing? or of making Salawat to alert others of the presence of the shaykh? In the Shafi`i madhhab both would be permissible:

(i) Salawat is encouraged at all times without exception even when sacrificing an animal and even when sneezing in the Shafi`i madhhab.

(ii) People may stand up out of respect for someone in the Religion, and Imam al-Nawawi wrote a long fatwa to that effect in support of permissibility.

Combining the two by using Salawat towards a praiseworthy ulterior purpose besides dhikr would be like reciting takbir to put out a fire or calm a sea storm or strong winds. It is all still dhikr, but with an implied added intention of du`a. When Muslims mention salawat to calm someone else or as a euphemism for the command to “Be patient” it really means: “Make dhikr of Allah through Salawat on His Prophet, and this will remove anger and improve your spiritual state on the spot in sha Allah.” A fortiori, to do the same to imply “and thereby you will show respect for the religious teacher” is permissible, and Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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