Someone who is hafiz Quran but does illicit thing


Assalamu alaykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhi,
. I would like to ask, I know someone who is hafiz Quran, memorized every of the surah and ayah. But this person does illicit thing, such as zina etc. same as someone who does huge amount of zikr, but watch illicit haraam thing. Is Allah s.w.t still love them as Allah does not remove the blessings of hafiz/zikr from them and give them time to repent turn to Him?

Please explain this for me Sheikh..why is this happened? Is there any treatment/dua/wazifa/rugqah for this on that person? Did he been affected by evil eye? Please help me Sheikh..

JazakAllahu khayran. May Allah s.w.t reward you abundantly. Ameen Ya Rabbil Alaamiin…


wa `alaykum salam,

Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Rahim

Shaytan and our nafs will always try to make us go astray from the¬†straight path. As we are not ma’sum like Prophet (saw), we are prone to¬†make sins and mistakes even though we are hafiz, ulama or imam.

The best thing to do after making sins or mistakes is to make istighfar or taubah and asking Allah for help, especially during the last third of the night. The next thing to do is to take the hand of a true spiritual guide who can help us. By following him and reading the awrad given patiently and diligently, inshaAllah we will see improvement in our character. It is also wise to keep the company of the pious so that their good behavior may rub on us.

Wallahu A’lam,

Muhammad Razif Yusuf

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