Taking off hijab for work


Salaam Aleikum Honorable Sheikh,
I am currently residing in a country (not my native country) that forbids ladies to wear hijab in any government and education-related institution. I am teaching english but I am not allowed to wear my hijab. I am feeling really uncomfortable but it is the law. What should I do? I have to be in contact with male students sometimes. Is it better to give up my job? I will not be able to wear hijab at any place in this country. Should I try to find a job in another country that will allow me to wear hijab? Please make du’a for me. I pray that Allah subhana wa taala will find me a job that will make it easier to wear hijab in my career. I would very much be grateful for a reply.

Jazakallah Khairon and May Allah bless you…


wa `alaykum salam,

Yes, it is better to find another job where you are able to wear hijab. In the meantime, you can wear something to that intention, even if it is not a proper hijab, for example, a headband, scarf, ribbon etc.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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