Use of Skincare Products


Assalam Alaykum WRWB,

Dear Shaykh, I’m in need of some advice regarding skincare products used on face and body and whether it affects wudu/ghusl. My skin gets really dry if I don’t use moisturizer all over after a shower. So when I intend to do wudu/ghusl then I don’t use any products until I’m done with my prayer/awrad etc. I find that due to this I have skipped prayers a few times because my skin gets really dry if I don’t wear a moisturizer and I get waswaas that the wudu is not valid after I’ve applied skincare with ingredients like alcohol, urea and other chemicals in them.

Please clarify these conditions. Thank you.

May Allah swt give long and healthy life to Shaykh Nazim (QS) and Shaykh Hisham and raise their ranks.


`Alaykum Salam,

The purpose of waswas is precisely to make you skip prayer so don’t listen to it. Even if you were to bathe in wine it would not cancel your wudu‘, let alone if you apply skincare containing cosmetic alcohol, urea and other chemicals. You can use as much moisturizer as you want and then make wudu‘ which is perfectly valid.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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