Blood Donation vs Wet Cupping, and…


Would donating blood have a similar effect to wet cupping? And I am not sure what the process is called, but when you recite chapter 112, and then blow into your cupped hands, followed by chapters 113, and 114, what are the spiritual, physical and possibly on a auraic level benefits it this?



Allah knows best about blood donation vs. Hijama (cupping). There are medical benefits to both, but Hijama has the spiritual benefits of reviving the Sunnah and all of the blessings of healing that come with it which a specialist/practitioner can describe further.

Recitation of the 3 surahs have countless benefits.

Benefits include protection from evil, illness, envy. According to Awliya, every letter of Quran carries 12-24,000 oceans of knowledge from Allah’s Holy Speech which will be dressed upon one’s body and soul. For more details on power of Surah Falaq, see here.

Wallahu Alam,

Kamau Ayubbi

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