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Salamu alykum wa rahmutullahi wa barakatahu dear Shaykh

I have a really important question about a teacher and student relationship and how I handle this situation. he invites for activities and projects , he wants me to meet him a lot also for private activists. My teacher invites Like a older brother. And that’s the point , sometime he treats me like a friend / brother so he see his acts and wants to act like a teacher to me , with authority. As a consequence he blocks me for example but every time I have sabr and adab.

Do you have a suggestion / naseeha for me , how I handle the situation?
Barakallahufeekum for your adivse shaykhuna !


wa alaikum salam.

You may respectfully decline invitations for private activities to avoid this fitna,

Taher Siddiqui

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