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Assalamualaikum, dear brother. I am 20 years old male. My problem is, due to excessive masturbation i’v lost my manhood. First time i didn’t know it is haram. When i got to know about this i am trying to give up this bad habit. I need to restore my manhood. I feel so frustrated and helpless all the time. Now i’v also doubt that i am a black magic victim.I am loosing my hair to much. Will you please suggest me some wazifa, dua or namaz so that i can seek forgiveness and restore my manhood please and solve the other problems? Thank you.


wa `alaykum salam,

For ending an addictive illness such as masturbation one must turn to Allah and His Prophet (s) for support. As many times as you go back to doing it, repent again and turn back again to Allah for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Merciful. After making ghusl and praying 2 rak`ats recite:

وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَا مِن رَّسُولٍ إِلاَّ لِيُطَاعَ بِإِذْنِ اللّهِ وَلَوْ أَنَّهُمْ إِذ ظَّلَمُواْ أَنفُسَهُمْ جَآؤُوكَ فَاسْتَغْفَرُواْ اللّهَ وَاسْتَغْفَرَ لَهُمُ الرَّسُولُ لَوَجَدُواْ اللّهَ تَوَّابًا رَّحِيمًا

wa ma arsalna min rasulin illa li-yuta` bi-idhnillah wa law annahum idh zhalamu anfusahum jaauka fastaghfarullaha wastaghfara lahumu’ r-rasula la wajad-Allaha tawaban rahima.

Then ask Allah’s Forgiveness envisioning yourself before the Rawdah of the Prophet (s), and that the Prophet (s) is asking forgiveness for you.

Taher Siddiqui

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