Great kings had wise or prophets to guide them


Dear honorable ones
Acknowledging the words of our beloved Sheikh Nazim as wisdom form the divine, may Allah forgive me for this question. Secularism started as a despair. In Europe most religious people were like animals following lower instincts as did kings and emperors, their was no justice in their teaching ,ruling. Since the people did not have rulers, teachers with right adapt this why they said: away with religion and these indulging kings. It is lack of good teaching and guiding that made the world as it is. Had to tell myself my whole life, God is not the people who use His name behaving. bad no wisdom .Mercy from Allah for me meeting Sheikh Nazim /Islam, save keepers of the truth, i found the right teachers and guidance. How can people honor/ follow kings or religious people not living their honor? Not living true Faith?


It is enough Divine support to be able to acknowledge Mawlana’s words as wisdom from the divine truthfully.

As for doing away with religion because of those who practice it badly it is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
On monarchy in Islam see here.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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