Imam Suyuti’s Defense of the Holy Parents of the Prophet (s)


What are Imam Suyuti’s writings in defense of the Islam of the Prophet (s) holy parents?


Salam alaykum,

In his Dibaj `ala Sahih Muslim (3:47) Imam al-Suyuti numbered at seven the works that he wrote defending the parents of the Prophet (upon him and them blessings and peace).

The following are all in print:

[1] al-Duruj al-Munifa fil-Aba’ al-Sharifa (“The Outstanding Entries Regarding the Noble Ancestors [of the Prophet]”);

[2-3] al-Fawa’id al-Kamina fi Iman al-Sayyida Amina wal-Ta`zim wal-Minna fi anna Abaway Rasulillah fil-Janna (“The Treasured Benefits Regarding the Muslim Belief of the Lady Amina [bint Wahb] and the Laudatory Gift That the Prophet’s Parents are in Paradise”);

[4] al-Maqamat al-Sundusiyya fil-Nisbat al-Mustafawiyya (“The Resplendent Stations Concerning the Prophetic Lineage”);

[5] Masalik al-Hunafa fi Waliday al-Mustafa (“Methods of Those With Pure Belief Concerning the Two Parents of the Prophet”) translated in the Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine (2:143-159);

[6] Nashr al-`Ilmayn al-Munifayn fi Ihya’ al-Abawayn al-Sharifayn (“The Proclamation of the Two Lofty Knowledges Regarding the Resuscitation of the Prophet’s Two Parents”);

[7] al-Subul al-Jaliyya fil-Aba’ al-`Aliyya (“The Manifest Paths on the Lofty Ancestors [of the Prophet]”), epitomized by Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabhani in Hujjat Allah `alal-`Alamin (p. 413-421).

See also our study in the chapter on Imam Abu Hanifa in our Four Imams and Their Schools.


Hajj Gibril Haddad

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