Influence of Ibn Taymiyya on Mohammed Hayat Al Sindi, Ibrahim Al Kurani, Kadizadeli


I would be delighted if you could explain the influence of Ibn Taymiyya that is found among the circles of these two teachers:  Mohammed Hayat Al Sindi, Ibrahim Al Kurani, Kadizadeli. Students of the first one being, Shah Wali Allah and ibn Abdulwahhab. Also Ibrahim Al Kurani’s influence in this, if any.


It may be that the common thread is what Imam al-Safadi called, in reference to the influencer, “having more learning than intelligence.” The meaning of fiqh is properly-applied intelligence. See if you wish the section entitled “The Superiority of Fiqh over Hadith” in our Four Imams and Their Schools, bearing those four names in mind. Allah knows best, and all success is from Him.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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