Those who spoke evil about ahl e bayt alayehim salam ajmaeen


Assalam u alayekum!
There is a hadith “whosoever abused Ali (alaye hi salam),verily he abused me…” and another one “whosoever kept the enmity of Ali (alaye hi salam),he kept enmity of me…” and it is established from ahadith that whosoever keeps the enmity of Ali alaye hi salam, he is a hypocrite.

In the light of these ahadith and many others, what do you see the status of those rulers of Banu Umayya who initiated cursing Ali (alaye hi salam) and passed on the tradition for next 8,9 decades with exceptions, just to keep the possession of monarchy and about Muawiya not fulfilling his conditions of agreement with Syedna Hassan alaye hi salam?


Alaykum Salam,
Our responsibility is to keep utter respect for the Family and Companions of the Prophet, upon him and all of them blessings and peace. As for what took place among them the way of Ahlus Sunna wal-Jama`a is to steer clear of any discussion as explicitly commanded by the Holy Prophet, most especially in the Month of Fasting!

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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