I was wondering if u can outline the proper order of reciting the Dalaiul Khayrat based on the edition published by ISCA.. I am particularly confused about how to start the recitation from the very beginning.. What i gathered from the audio recitation from sufilive.com was this order (however, the edition used by the reciter in has slight variations in the text):

1. Kayfiyyat pgs 55-58
2.Asmaul Husna with Dua pgs 65-71
3.Dua Bad’i Dalail pgs 59-61
4. Asmaun nabi 65-89
5.Supplicaiton of intention pgs 62-63
6. Starting hizb/ Daily portion

Is this correct?

And for the following day, which parts do i omit? i am under the impression that one can omit no 1-4 so for the following days, one recites 5-6 until khatm, then when one begins a new reading, one starts from no. 1..


wa `alaykum salam,

see the Post “Dalail-ul-Khairath


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