How to prepare for hajj


Assalaamu `alaykum wr wb dear Sayyidi, Hajjah and respected staff,

If one’s niyyah is to go for hajj, in what ways can he, being a weak servant, prepare himself so that he visits the Holy Maqaam of Rasoolullah (saw) and Makkah al-Mukkarrama in the most purest and perfected state, where at the end Allah will be pleased with him both dunya and Akhirah?

Thank you and please forgive us.


`Alaykum salam

Make preparations for death before your trip: forgive your enemies, make up with relatives, settle your debts, make a will if you have wealth or standing debts, say goodbye to your loved ones, and say O Allah I am coming to you; O Messenger of Allah take me with you. Read the secrets of pilgrimage from Ihya `Ulum al-Din by Imam Ghazali.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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