Wasting time not worshipping


I have wasted lots of time not doing ibadah, now I feel Ill never be happy even if I become a Wali bcuz even if I get near to God had I not wasted all that time, I couldve been even closer, so I feel Ill never be happy. Hadith says only thing we’ll regret in heaven is not doing more dhikr, so even if I become a wali, ill still regret




Wa alaikum salaam,

It is natural to regret falling short from Allah’s commandment.  You might ask your self what is the benefit of holding this grief and sadness to Allah, myself or Creation?

If you do things for Love it is sufficient that Allah will give Love to you remember you. Regardless of station, be of benefit to others for Allah’s sake.

May Allah bless you and make us all content with His Presence,

Kamau Ayubbi

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