Islamic rules for ladies


Assalmualakum Dear Shaikh Hisham,
Many many blessings upon you and your family along with beloved Sultan Shaykh Nazim.
I have a question regarding when it is a must in the Islamic Shari’a in the Hanafi school for girls to pray 5 times daily and cover their hair in hajab?
Ya Sayyadi what age do you recomend?
Please forgive me for my lack of adab.
Thank you and salams….


As-Salamu `Alaykum,

It is obligatory upon every Muslim after reaching the age of puberty to offer 5 daily prayers.

A male child becomes obligated when he experiences a wet dream or ejaculation. A female child becomes obligated (Hijab included) when she experiences a wet dream or her first menstruation. If by the age of 15 lunar years neither male nor female has undergone these experiences, then they are considered legally pubescent (baligh) and are obliged to pray.

Imam Senad Agic, Ph.D.
Head Imam (IABNA)
The Islamic Association of Bosniaks in North America

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