Flexibility in a Sadaqa promised to Allah


I have a sadaqa promised to Allah in a time-bound way, but i also have debts and a dependent family, is it sinful to postpone the giving of sadaqa in such a scenario until at least pressing debts are cleared.


The Prophet (saws) said: “Whoever vows to do an act of obedience to Allah, let him do it.” –¬†Bukhari

If it is the case that you are behind your promise, then you must fulfill it as soon as you realistically can. If you disregard the promise you will have to offer expiation for breaking the oath (kaffaarah). There is also an opinion of some scholars that you have to offer expiation for being late in fulfilling your promise.

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Dr. Senad Agic, Imam
SABAH – Chicago
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