How to perform sajda e sahw


Salam ya sheikh!!
I wanted to ask that what is correct method of performing sajda e sahw when we make a mistake in our salah? Is it just like the regular sajdah we offer in our prayers. Do we have to say Subhana Rabbi Yal Aala in sajda e sahw or not?


As-Salamu ‘Alaikum,

The waajibaat of the Salah are 7. They are:

1. All of the takbiraat except takbiratul-ihram [All the sayings of Allaahu akbar except the first one (first one is a pillar)]

2. Saying: Subhaana rabiyal-`azheem (at least once) in rukoo`/bowing position

3. Saying: sami` Allaahu liman hamidah

4. Saying: rabbanaa lakal-hamd

5. Saying: Subhaana rabbiyal-`ala (at least once) in sujood

6. The first tashahhud (at–tahiyyaat) [in Fajr the first is a pillar, in the others prayers they are wajibaat]

7. Sitting down during the first tashahhud

If a person remembers that he forgot one of these wajibaat while still praying, then he only has to make the two ordinary prostrations for forgetfulness and recite Subhaana rabbiyal-`ala at least once but better 3 times. If he remembers a long time after already completed the prayer then inshallaah he is excused.

Dr. Senad Agic, Imam
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