Women as Leaders


I have questions about women’s role in Islam.

1. Why are women not allowed to lead Salat?
2. Why are women not allowed to lead Jumah?
3. Why women can’t lead other women in Salat?

I am starting to feel like women have no place in Islam except to clean, cook, raise children, and please their husbands. I despise that feeling. Islam is such a beautiful way of life. I just do not like the limitations being set upon the women…


1. Women are allowed to lead Salat in all four schools.
2. The Prophet legislated Jumua for men and there is no precedent of
women leading it except one or two marginal episodes. Nor is such salat
valid by consensus.
3. Women can certainly lead other women in Salat.
4. Please read up on the abundant literature on the historical
contribution of women in Islam bedore making such facile judgments.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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