Musafir Prayer


Asalamo alaykom Sayyidi!

With all love and respect to all Mashayikh, I would be great full if you could answer my question regarding musafir prayer?

I am permanently living in London but I stay for 3/4 days in another house 85 km far during weekdays for studying in uni, I’ll be travelling the whole yr for 3/4 days inshAllah to uni, my question is where should I pray musafir prayer? when I go to London or coming to uni? since 2 weeks I’m doing musafir prayer when I come to uni (as I read you’re no longer musafir if you’re staying for 15 days or more in a place) in my case I’m staying for more than that but not continuously (3/4 days every week)?

JazakAllahu khairan.


You may pray Qasr Salah (i.e. 2 rak`ahs for Zuhr, `Asr and `Isha) at your uni. This is because it is more than 77 km from your hometown and you do not intend to stay there for 15 days or more. Thus you remain a musafir (Shar`i traveller). When you reach back at London you must pray as normal.

Abdul Shakur

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