Prayer in Mecca and Madina


I am from Pakistan. Majority of Scholars of AhleSunnah tell us not to offer prayer behind the Imam in Khane Kaaba or Madina and offer your individual prayer or organize your own congregational prayer if you have people with you. The reasons they give are based mainly on beliefs and fiqh. They claim that the Ulema and Imams in Saudiarab are Wahabis, Salafis, and they have some seriously negative beliefs about Islam which often makes them non-muslim. Secondly, they also claim that many of their acts make a prayer invalid in Hanafi’s point of view and as we are Hanafis, we can not pray behind them. Please provide a detailed answer and your stand on it.
Thanks. Remember me in your prayers.


These questions have been answered numerous times here on You may do a search.


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