Salams to Woman at Musalla


Asalammualikum Wa Rahamathullah wa Barakatahu
One of my friends works in a corporate company and he doesnt find any  Masjid near by so he does perform namaz in office itself. He will be go to the top floor and will peform namaz there and there is one more sister who also does namaz there he some times face her when she is done with namaz or waits for him to complete namaz so that she can do namaz after him.

Now his question is he heard some where that once you are done with namaz you should say salam to  other Muslim who comes in front of you, so can he now allowed to say salam to her or not?

Please do reply in the light of Quran/Hadees Shariff.
JazaakALLAh Khair.


wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakutuh,
Alhamdulillah That he are praying on the roof and you will be rewarded more and more as the Prophet said there come a time when the one holding his deen will be like someone holding a coal of fire. Although you don’t find masjid where you are praying is considered a masjid.
To answer your question, you pray your prayer and go and she prays and she goes. Don’t try to make any contact with her. A most if you want  to make salaam put your head down and say salaam and leave because you don’t know when Shaytan is ready to throw his traps to catch you, so say salaams and keep going.

Hajjah Naziha Kabbani

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