Inhaler and nose drops while fasting


I have 2 queries:
1. I have slight deviated nasal septum and do suffer from severe sinuses from time to time. I may need to use nasal drops like oxyspray or nasovion / otrivin to open up my nose even during the fast as I am not able to breath by mouth. Does this break my fast?
2. second question is interlinked. if i dont take the nasal drops at the right time, i tend to get asthma issues too. in such case take an asthma pump or inhaler break my fast? I have no way to prevent it such attacks of sinuses or asthma as its pollution and stress related and mumbai pollution is at all time high due to the major construction work in the area.


As-salamu `alaykum,

Please see the Post “Nose drops“.


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