Kaffarah for Intentional Fast-Breaking


Can you explain the different types of Kaffarah for intentional fast-breaking?


There are different types of Kaffarah. Basically it means an expiation of one’s sins. Different ways of breaking fast will have ways of expiation: Kaffarah.

These are for two types:

1) Intentionally missing fast (in Ramadan only) due to sexual intercourse during the fast day (on condition that the person’s mind is sound, knows that he/she is fasting, it is not forced upon anyone, knows the rule that it is Haram to do it and is not a musafir to the distance that renders fasting not obligatory)

2) Intentionally missing fast (in Ramadan only) due to any other reasons besides sexual intercourse

So the Kaffarah, in short:

for (1),

they must free a slave;

If not able to:
then to fast 60 continuous days,

If not able to:
then to feed 60 needy people for each missed fast day to their fill or give one Mudd      (= 3/4 kg.) of food-stuff like rice, wheat or barley or bread etc. to each of them.

This is known in Shafi`i School only as Kaffarah Kubra (“Major Expiation”) where in other schools it is known as Kaffarah only. In Shafi`i only too, the man will have to do this, not the woman, regardless of the reason or motivation. In addition, they must also make up (Qada) of the missed day’s fast. In Hanafi, if both parties are willing to the act, they both must do Qada and Kaffarah. If the woman is forced, she is not required to, only the man, but he is still encouraged to do Kaffarah on her behalf, to cover for her.

for (2), in Hanafi and Maliki, the person must do the Qada and Kaffarah. In Shafi`i, it is only required to do Qada.

Abdul ShakurHadi

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