Shafii: Kaffara/Fidya for missed fasts


Salaam alaikum 

I have a query regarding kaffara (for fasts missed without reason or broken fasts without valid reason)

From  my understanding, is it correct that for each fast missed, a person would need to feed 60 people or fast 60 days?

If a person decides to feed 60 people, is this one meal or 3 meals a day, and how many days do you have to feed the 60 people for? Or is it, you feed 60 people 1 meal which is payment for 1 fast owed (kaffara)?

There was one year where I did not fast the whole month without valid reason, may Allah forgive me, I want to pay my debt owed to Allah before I depart this world. I am in the process of calculating how many fasts I have not kept from the time I was eligible to fast up until today.

Please can you tell me what the criteria is for the owing of 1 missed fast, as in how much it would cost to feed 60 people as mentioned above, and do I pay to feed one meal or 3 meals, and is it for one day or how many days is it for?

Is there some way that I can set up a standing order or direct debit each month with your organisation, the amount I can afford to give each month specifically for “kaffara”?

If so please can you provide me with the link on your website for kaffara.

If you have any scholars onboard who can advise me that would be great, because I think I may not be able to afford to pay for so many fasts kaffara that I owe, I can set up a direct debit but I don’t know how long this will take for me to be debt free.

I cant fast 60 days for 1 missed fast, it would be impossible for me

And if I do set up a direct debit for kaffara, will your organisation give my money to specifically feed the 60 people?

Any information you can provide would be great

i hope Mawlana can forgive me as a no good mureed and for the negligence in my ibadah to Allah, i am in debt to Allahby so much and maybe thats why my life has become progressively difficult and all barakah is stopped for me

my intentions are pure and good yet my circumstances have never been favourable to me and life has always been a struggle hence why i am ashamed to say, that i gave up on deen a long time ago because of how difficult my life was and with no help or openings from Allah which is why i turned myself away from everything and everyone.

i understand that Allah wont care about the circumstances i was in and why i didnt fulfil my duties but i still have to owe him, which is why im trying to pay back everything owed to Allah even though i dont do it with the intention for my life to get better, that would be dishonesty and disloyalty to Allah.

Jazak allah 



In the Shafi`i school the obligation for each day of the Ramadan fast that was missed without excuse, whether by absence of intention, or by intentional eating and/or drinking, or by intentional vomiting, or by masturbation, is to make up the fast for that day and repent of one’s sin for that day. (al-Hawashi al-Bughawiyya `ala al-Muqaddimat al-Hadramiyya)

The make-up fast must be performed before the start of the following Ramadan. Otherwise, a fidya (payment) of one mudd of food each (0.54 kg) must be paid for that day per year delayed, i.e. double if performed in the second year, triple if in the third etc. See “Payment (fidya) for not making up missed fasts on time” at

However, if the fast was violated by means of sexual intercourse (either once or more times within the same day of Ramadan) then in addition to the make up of the fast (i.e. one day of fasting per each day missed) and repentance for that day, one has to free a Muslim slave per day thus missed; if one cannot do so, then one has to fast 60 consecutive days per day thus missed; and if one still cannot do so, then one has to feed sixty faqir (poor people) or miskin (people in need) one mudd of food each (0.54 kg), which is the same as the amount required for an individual’s zakat al-fitr. (Fath al-Qarib, `Umdat al-Salik, Hawashi Bughawiyya etc.)


Hajj Gibril Haddad

[Note: Fidya can be paid at]

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