Prayer Request: Business venture – Energy


Salam wa aleykym dearest Sheikh Hisham and Eshaykh Staff

May Allah bless you and all Eshaykh staff.. Hamdulilah for such a website and the other related websites which have created a community for us seekers of the truth in our world today…

Dearest Sheikh I ask you humbly to pray for my husband and my new business venture.. Its’ a concept we believe in insh’Allah and good for the environment.. It is about getting rid of garbage by converting it into energy. Please pray for Allah to bless our business so that we can be successful in a work that is good for our planet bi izn’Allah..

jazakAllah khairan


wa `alaykum salam,
Mawlana Shaykh Hisham will pray for you.

Give sadaqa every day even small to the intention of protection in your endeavor and yourselves. Try to show gratefulness to Allah as He said:

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{so that He cleanse you and complete His favor to you and perhaps you will give thanks.} (Surat al-Ma’idah, 5:6)

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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