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Assalamualaikum. My sister is having problem, there is no barkat at all, whatever money she has, gets over too soon and there is no savings at all. Everyone says there is some problem with the house, as her husband’s income is more as compared to other house where she use to stay. My sister offers five time salat and also recites Quran everyday. We dont believe in all these things but, the problem has increased to such an extent that it does not sounds good. What should we do? Can you suggest any dua?


wa `alaykum salam,

First of all, it is wrong to say “we don’ believe in all these things” because the Prophet (s) said, “the envious eye is real”. Similarly sihr, or black magic is real, and for the purpose of protection from it, Allah swt revealed Surat al-Falaq.

Hasad (jealousy and envy) is among the most destructive emotions or feeling which a man may have towards his fellow human being. It causes him to wish evil for others and to be happy when misfortune befalls them. The Prophet (s) warned against envy by comparing it to fire that completely burns wood. He (s) said: “Beware of jealousy, for verily it destroys good deeds as the way fire destroys wood.” (Abu Dawud)

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, explaining the revelation of Surat al-Falaq said:

Ibn Mas`ud said the Prophet (s) said, Allah swt revealed to me these verses of holy Qur’an, Surat al-Falaq and Surat an-Nas that there is nothing like them in the holy Qur’an.

Ibn `Abbas (r) said, radi-Allahu `anhuma, there was someone named `Ubayd ibn `Asim. He was someone that hated the Prophet (s), an unbeliever. He tried to make black magic on the Prophet (s). the Prophet (s), no one can (truly) make black magic on him, but Allah is teaching us [through this event], that if Muhammad (s) whose body is human, but whose spirit is completely different (and even his body is completely different), can be affected by black magic, what about common human beings?

But Allah gave him the characteristics to tell us “black magic is real”, because as many people today say “there is no black magic and no witchcraft”. That is why Allah revealed that surah – to clear the Prophet (s) of black magic.

That unbeliever wanted to make black magic on the Prophet (s). He brought a statue and made 11 knots in thread, tying it 11 times. And that person did black magic on the Prophet (s), and no one knew about it. But the Prophet (s) began to feel great pain. So the archangels Jibril (as) and Mikail (as) came to him, yu`awidaan, they are reading on him a`udhu billah mina ‘sh-shaytani ‘r-rajeem bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem, and reading on him the two surahs (al-Falaq and an-Nas). And Mikail said, “The Messenger is feeling pain.” He said, “Yes, `Ubaid ibn `Asim has affected him with his witchcraft.” And they told the Prophet (s) that the object he used to try to make magic on it, he had taken and placed in a well in Bir Maymun and put it under a stone under the water. He (s) asked, “What do I have to do?” They said, “Go there and open the well, find the rock and under the rock is the statue with 11 knots. You burn it and you will be cleared of that magic.”

The Prophet (s) sent `Ammar ibnu Yassir with a group of people to that well and they opened it and found the statue there and it had 11 knots on it. At that moment Allah swt revealed to the Prophet (s), recite qul Audhu bi rabb il-falaq…min sharri hasidin idha hasad. The Prophet (s) began to recite and blow. As he was blowing the knots were opening. He read the surah 11 times and with each blowing one knot opened. And finally that magic went. And that is why it is recommended before sleeping to read Ikhlas, Falaq and Nas.

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani is giving permission to follow the recitations/steps in the Post “Sister Afflicted by Black Magic“.

Taher Siddiqui

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