Dua request

Prayer Request:

Asalamu alaikum
I feel lost, I have no money, no friends, I’m sinful
Please pray for me
I want to marry, be wealthy, be beautiful
I have so many ugly traits inside and out
I live within 4 walls and have no freedom No opportunity to even go out to breath



As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah

May Allah encompass you in mercy, guidance; love and support. It’s as if you are in an unwanted seclusion to face the challenge of ‘self’ but you do believe there is a higher purpose and life that you want to fulfill.

Every breath cares the name Huuuu and that breath courses through every cell of our being from nostrils to and from head to toe. When we attend the this mercy coming in and out of us we open our conscience to guidance and insight concerning self and life. Every prophet and holy person had time in seclusion to see reality from the depths of soul. May you find your way to inter and outer liberation. As our master Shaykh Nazim said “freedom to serve”

May Allah help and bless you richly,

Kamau Ayubbi

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