Prayer Request: For baraka in income


Dad has small shop that is costing a lot more than what it brings in. Should he keep it? How can he better manage his finances and business to ensure high profits and income filled with barakah. Right now my mother’s income is used up completely for the household. Please offer advice because my brother and his wife live with them but contribute almost nothing and don’t help with chores. They don’t have enough money to be on their own though.
There is no baraka in any of their incomes. How can this change for the better?

How to improve situation with sibling and wife. Energies are different. Some are more heedless than others in this home. How can parents bring out the best in their child/children


Let him recite 100 times Ya Razzaq everyday before he opens his store. When he leaves his house, let him put one sadaqa in a box everyday. Allah will make for him a lot of money to come in.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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